Would be nice to add user profile pic as avatar anywhere where we can already include his/her first name/

I tried to display user profile pic as avatar (so the smallest possible icon) next to his/her first name (with template col, that I know how to do).
But, the image is always too big or the option not available.
It would be really engaging to just show (like in this forum) the avatar in the UI. After all, it’s rather common and standard.
Respecting of course the image quality, for good impression.
Or am I supposed to resort to CSS for this, too?
Thks, guys :purple_heart:

Which component are you using to display the avatar?

What I often do is create a Relation to self within the user profile sheet, make it a multiple relation even though it’ll always ever make one match, and then display the relation in an in-line list with an action > none. This might give you the kind of look you’re looking for.


Thks, Robert. I’ve tried so many things under 3 weeks part-time, and a deadline for a working prototype, that I can’t remember. Between hints, action texts, upload image or template with IMG SRC background… everywhere where I can point to the profile pic column value without code I guess.

If you happen to have a handy sample to show me, not sure to grasp what you mean with “relation to self”. It’s Saturday, so, I value your time. There’s no rush. So sweet of you to care that much.

I’ll come back to you later, anyway, once I set up my 2nd prototype with the enhancements.

In the users sheet, create a multiple relation column that relates the email address back to the users > email address column (relation to self)

Display this relation in an inline list. Set action to none (or choose another action that makes sense).

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Hi, Robert! I found myself sth close :slight_smile:
Just a simple inline list, as in your example (on the left) of the User Profiles Sheet with Cards Layout with nothing but avatar image and avatar text (the smallest ones)
Filtered to 1 item and by user’s own email (and if it’s a Visitor, it’s OK too)
Just can’t display it on right side, but well, I’ll switch the logo - profile pic places.

Et voilà

You might be able to use some CSS to reverse the elements…something with a flex-display: column-reverse; somewhere.

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Oh, Monsieur, you’re sweet :cherry_blossom:. Merci !
I’ll try this.
But I’ve unfortunately noticed a major PB:
I’d like the same click for 3 cases:

  1. Anonymous: click to Sign-in
  2. Member with email but no Name: click to Edit Profile
  3. Full Member with Name: click to Edit profile.

With my inline trick, I cannot - I don’t know how to - condition the click action in an inline to trigger Sign in.
It would be so much easier if the profile pic is accepted in avatar size in floating buttons, form buttons.

or :bulb: I can set a visibility condition to show the inline to Members to edit profile, but an action for Visitor to Sign in?

You can apply a custom action to an inline list item and set up an IF condition within the custom action to call different actions based on the data in that inline list row.

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Silly me, of course! 🤦
I think I’d better take some rest.
I’m not even part-time dev, so I need to accept it. Even if I used to be admin+dev, so I still have some reflexes and kinda “instinct”.
My brain is on frozen mode with all my ongoing projects. And my eyes hurt with too much screen time. Can’t compete with my health.

Thks again, Jeff.
I’ll keep every thing in mind.

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