Workaround needed for Default Value to Number type

How are you’ll setting a default value to a Number type?

I need a way to set a default value to a counter which I can then increment. Seems like whatever I try (single value/math) I am not getting it right.


You can set the column type in the Editor to a number type, if that’s what you mean.

I meant setting a default value to the Number type. Eg. I want the column to have the value of 1 by default.

What are you trying to increment on, can you share with us some screenshots of your data?

I’m thinking of an action to do this automatically.

You can do this within your form by having a number field, setting it to required, setting its default to the required number, and making it hidden. It will then be part of the form submission.

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In detail;

I have a User Profile table with properties. One of them is ContentID. By default I want the contentID to always be 1.
Every time the User completes a task, the ContentID will get incremented by the Increment action of Form.

However, I don’t know how to set the default of 1 or even 0 to ContentID. It only gets set as empty.

Hope that helps clarifying it. Thanks for your help!

How are user details entered into the User Profile table?

If this is Pro Private (allowed email only) then my previous suggestion will work.

If this is Pro Public then Glide will add the user details. In this case you can set the value during onboarding, again using the previous suggestion.

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Do you have an onboarding experience for your users, e.g they have to click a button after filling some details to enter the app? I’m thinking of a seamless experience where you hide that initial increment behind an action.


Thanks @ThinhDinh & @V88!
I tried a couple of your suggestions, however what I ended up doing and what worked for me as to use an IF-THEN-ELSE which then sets the ContentID default. The IF-THEN-Else works on a Boolean for Profile completion.