Wiz'z restaurant ULTIMATE & Virtual Q

See below. I have added this thread.


Okay Gliders,


I have taken PENULTIMATE out of the review process and replaced it with ULTIMATE (the last in the wiz’z restaurant series).

Anyone who purchases the PRO, I will give a copy of PENULTIMATE to (if they want).

Here is a demo of ULTIMATE

it is single dashboard template with public and public with email sign in.

There are no separate Admin, kitchen, waiter, driver etc dashboard. All operate from the same dashboard which leads to about 20 different screens and returns them back to same dashboard.

Hope you like the final version.

Xuber Eat PRO will be made available around Christmas.

Thank you

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ULTIMATE approved by support team.

Virtual Q also approved


Okay, here is the video. Gives a demo of both menus. Tx

This is the penultimate video.

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