Wix DNS Configuration

When configuring a custom domain, I don’t know where to put the AAAA requirement into WIX DNS management. There’s a place for the A type and the TXT type, but I don’t see anything for AAAA. Does anyone know how what I should do?

I am having the same issue. Anyone have an answer to this?

I suggest you contact Glide support if you’ve followed the instructions and can’t set up…I had similar issues with Godaddy. There are some things that aren’t straightforward and require Glide team to help. They were amazing about jumping on the phone and helping me get the custom domain set up.

Check these instructions first if you haven’t already:


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Thanks so much Deena!! Will do that. Appreciate it.
(Yes, viewed video, read the documentation, read Wix guidelines, searched forums…can’t seem to find anything relevant!).

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Having the same challenge. Just sent a mail to the Glide team. Thanks

I learned from the Wix site documentation that AAAA records pertain to IPv6, which Wix does not support. I have loaded the other values into the A and TXT records. Will let you know if it works.

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Did not work. I transferred my domain to GoDaddy. Was able to enter the AAAA record and the others as well. Worked in couple of minutes and is now live.