Custom Domain With WIX

Dear all,

I create my first Glide: TMSG App. And, thank you for Glide App which is very useful to develop a mobile app. Especially for me, who is never studied programming development :smiley:

I’d like my TMSG App to be a custom domain on my existing domain ( I use pro version and, on last Sunday (10 Oct), already added TXT and CNAME records from Glide’s info via DNS Management on: (Indonesian domain provider) and (hosting provider).

Based on Wix Support’s email, they said such records are correct and working properly:

However, custom domain of my TMSG app is not verified up to now:

Could anyone advise me? I have no idea how to email Glide Support officer.

Thank you in advance and warmest regards,

  • Israwan -

Seems like people here were having a hard time as well with no solutions.

If you want to get support from Glide, please support your case in the link below.

Thank you!

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