Why my logo in page was not in left?

Hello, do you know why my logo was “center” and not in left in Glide Page ?

As you can see in this screen from the glide page presentation in the website, logo was all time in left.

How did you set up your logo? Could you send a few screenshots?

Upload & display your logo

I use “Logo Only”

Capture d’écran 2022-08-10 à 14.01.11

I see. I believe that currently, you cannot modify the alignment of the logo.


  • Leave the logo centered. C’est la vie.
  • Adjust your image so as to leave a wide right-margin with the same background color as the navigation section (you seem to have chosen “white”). I would personally highly dislike this workaround, but it might be an option to you. You could achieve this with little trouble in Canva.

Hello, the same I’m not a big fan of this “hack”, but I think I’ll do it like that.

I find it a shame not to be able to put the logo aligned on the left, especially since Glide promotes it on their page! ( Glide Pages – Beautiful web apps, powered by your data. )

For others, the alignment of the logo does adjust when you change the position of the navigation menu:

  • vertical navigation - centered logo
  • horizontal navigation - left-align logo

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Will pass this on to the team to see if it can be considered a bug.

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Yes please ! Because it’s look pretty ugly with the logo in center (I hope that’s why in their presentation logo was in left).

Thank’s a lot

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I passed that to the team. They agree that it’s inconsistent with what is displayed on the website, when I have more updates I’ll tell you.

Thank’s a lot ! With small things we can do big things :money_mouth_face:

Thanks @Carter. Logo alignment isn’t a feature yet. I’ll flag with the team.