Company logo not showing up on menu bar

Hi there,

I have bought a private app on Glide and just begun to integrate with Pages to provide both desktop and mobile access to my users. 2 issues:

  1. My company logo is not showing up after publishing even though I can see it while working on it in the editor. See pics below: I’ve tried both Edge & Chrome.

  1. I found it really difficult to create a typical footer area for my copyright, T&C, privacy policy, sitemap and all those usual stuff. All websites have it these days. Could Glide kindly come up with a simple component for this? Also, I noticed that the Cover and Article options in Collections component do not seem to be there anymore. Is this a bug or Glide disabled it? Makes it really difficult to build longer, composite text and image heavy content in Pages such as FAQs, Company News, About Us etc.

Finally, I support all of the users here who have asked why the Pro Page plan doesn’t allow us to do away with the Glide branding. I’m about to go full swing into beta launch in a month and really hoping to do custom domain without Glide branding.

Much obliged and thanks in advance to the wonderful team at Glide who made these amazing no-code tools!

Lance (co-founder of Scrapp, which is being built entirely on Glide!)

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Could you share Scrapp?