Why its not allowed to enter username and phone no


This app allows user to login and order products.
Here i have used 2 user for testing.The first user logged in and she order the product.Im throwing an error if there is no user name and phone number.working correctly.

when i logged in with other user,when a product is ordered its throwing error correctly and moved to the tab my profile to fill in user name and phone number,i dont find the fields to enter.why?

It looks like that screen is probably not attached to any row.
Does that second email address exist in your users table?
What do you see if you click on the Data View at the bottom left?

Yes,in the editor if i click the order button,its moved to my profile tab,the fields are not showing.i just changed the viewing user to 2nd user.There is no email value in table.

But when i do proper login by phone,the fields are showing and there is a value in the user table for email.

Think like im seeing these problem often in editor.
or else i should properly sign in instead of selecting viewing ass user ?

Now working correctly after checking in mobile.

If the email doesn’t exist in the users table, then it’s the same as viewing as “Anyone”.
So if you either have the tab filtered by signed in user, or row owners applied, then there will be no row to edit.

Viewing as user is fine, as long as that user actually exists in your users table.

yes,i applied row owner.Thanks

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