Why i couldn't create profile

Previously have created profile in a seperate profile tab but i couldn’t.
I have two fields like username and phone number to collect from user if they want to store pick up or favourite.The errors are working correctle but it doesn’t show the text entry and phone entry component.

screenshots attached if anything needed as me.

I need anyone to create profile and anyone can login with a link of this app and may or collect real email.

Is this screen filtered by signed in user? You may need to show more screenshots of your visibility and filter settings for this tab and for your text and number entry components.

I just changed the setting as collect real email address.is it the problem ?

Before this works ok and in mobile it is working but the two entry component not showing.

No visibility setting for anything,screen filtered for this tab.

You are viewing as a user that doesn’t exist in your User Profiles table, and as you are using Row Owners the screen is not attached to any row.

To fix the problem, either switch to viewing as the same user or add your own email address to your User Profiles table.

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