Why Firefox logo on app i phone?

When posting my app, containing Cocktail recepies, to my phon, a Firefox logo is shown at the right hand lower corner of the app. How can I get rid of that logo?


Try in google chrome

Firefox doesn’t support PWA app installation, so it’s only saving a bookmark to your home screen.


Thanks a lot for your help!
I changed from Firefox as phone browser to Chrome, then sending the app to my phone.
It worked! This time I was able to install as an ordinary app, not a bookmark. No logo was shown.
Though, oddly enough, it did not work all the time. Sometimes I got the app with a Chrome logo instead, at the right hand lower corner of the app (only as a bookmark I guess).
Don´t know why it doesn¨t work all the time, so I´ll still be testing what might be wrong.
So in the future: when installing a Glide-app I will change to Chrome and then go back to Firefox (like this browser better).

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