Why does the first Choice Component disappear on screen?

It used to be there - and it still is when you look at the components window - but it does not appear on my mobile simulation page. When I put the cursor next to it (to show me where on the simulation that particular component is on the page) the little green indication shoots way down to the bottom of the screen pointing to nothing. This has happened to me many times. And I hope you do not say that I should use the “undo” button - because it is impossible to do that unless you notice the problem as soon as it occurs (and I had stepped away for a second and undo was grayed out). As mentioned, this has happened to me many times under different scenarios. I am on Chrome and have many windows open although I doubt this could be related or is a memory problem. Can you please help?

Click on the missing component in the COMPONENTS list.

Select FEATURES at the top of the panel - see if you didn’t inadvertently change the filter option to anything other than default. (You can do this accidentally by simply clicking filter and not deleting it if you change your mind).

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Thanks, Tim - that worked! I did not realize that you actually had to delete it for it not to interfere with the display. In my case, I had a filter option that was was showing but that was blank - and did not think it would have the kind of effect it had.

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