Component list, Option settings & Form screen is mising

Hi there,
Im not sure what happened, but the component list and the component options are missing. Its a new screen that is supposed to show a chart (Image 1 & 2). Same goes for the form screen, its not appearing in the layout, but i can see that it has loaded in the component list (Image 3).
I have refresh a few times but still the same result. It only happened to this app, other apps worked as usual, the component list and options can be seen and accessed.

I would try the following:

  • Reloading the page
  • Switching to another internet connection, from company wifi to data for example
  • Exiting the builder and entering your app again in the builder
  • Logging out of Glide and logging back in again
  • Trying another browser
  • Trying in an incognito browser tab
  • Deleting cookies
  • Pausing your VPN if you use one
  • Throwing your hands up in the air and walking away for a few hours (this actually fixes things sometimes)
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Do you have any filters on the tab level and/or visibility conditions on the component level?

Also, did you mean to name the Chart component “Inline List”?

Only a filter to display the users stats. The “inline list” wasn’t renamed, it’s supposed to show chart.

That’s weird it’s saying Inline List. I would try clearing all caches or using another browser to see if it helps.

I ended up needing to recreate the page from scratch. I used the exact same components with the same filters and visibility settings, and it worked as intended.
The old buggy page still remained, even after trying all the suggested methods.