Whitelist .com.XX email bug


Would want to inform theres a whitelist bug for anything that has a double extension, for example XXX@XXX.com.br . If entered in this way, the app doesnt recognise the email when trying to log in and says theres no such email, however if an email is used just with .com it works.

Thank you,

I can’t reproduce this. Could you share your app, and give me an actual email address that should work, but doesn’t? PM if you prefer, of course.

Hi Mark!

The app is XXXXX, sheet is User and the email is under Lukas2. As we have both .com and .com.br domains I changed to .com and logged in through it, but the .com.br was not working.

Could you show me a screenshot of the message you get when it’s not working, please?

Now its working… Maybe some refresh one off issue.

Thank you for checking it.

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