White Strip on the top

Problem when I want the app to be completely black even when I am in darkmode. I have to turn darkmode off and then on again to make it work,

I have unselected the match the device’s theme check box



@SantiagoPerez can you escalate this to the team? This has been reported 2 times this week in the forum (I’m not sure it’s the browser’s problem or Glide’s).

What kind of phone, brand, version, OS are these phones?

I first reported the ‘white strip’ in Nov '21 along with the keyboard disappearing which is still an issue.

Iphone 11 & 13 Pro Max - iOS 15.1

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As far as I know this has happened since safari changed the position of the address bar to the bottom. Glide is no longer full screen.


This is a good catch. The other day I responded to the same issue saying I don’t see the white strip, maybe that’s because I manually tell Safari to change my address bar back to the top.


Yes. Good eye @Himaladin

Just to add to this @SantiagoPerez I sometimes see the ‘white strip’ fix itself and turn black… but the wrong black.

Its the lighter color black you get on an empty details screen instead of the dark black you get around the search bar and dock.

I’ve seen the wrong shade ‘black strip’ in several screen shots from clients as well.