Dark mode iPhone and Light mode App

Hi, with “Match device’s theme” unchecked if I use Dark mode in my iPhone and I want the Glide app in light mode I can see the black notch. (see the image)

Is it a bug or I have to do something? Thanks

Can someone explain if I can solve this problem please?

I can’t understand you. Can you post a picture of your settings?

Your phone is in dark mode so it draws the status bar as dark… Your app is in light mode, so you see the dark strip at the top. Glide cannot change how your phone draws the status bar.

Yes, this is the problem. But many apps have their own status bar regardless of dark/light mode of the iphone.
So if I have the dark mode active on my smartphone and I want the app with the white status bar I can’t. ok … thank you

Right, Glide (web) apps cannot do this yet on iPhone.