Is there a way to change status bar color on iOS?


I am wondering is there a way to change the status bar color on my app on iOS? I know this comes from the system, not directly from the app settings, but it looks ugly and I want to find a solution to make it pure black as it is on the nav bar.

Screenshot attached.

I think we can find a way to touch that part using CSS, but it’s too much of a hassle to do that on every details screen.

I assume you’re on light mode and the app is forcing dark mode?

No, my iPhone is set to Dark Mode too. I don’t know how Safari works, since on some app loads the status bar is white, while sometimes it’s dark grey. I expect the status bar to be hard coded from the app theme along with everything else. I am just trying to say that is mismatch your predefined themes.

It’s not directly related but for example, our corporate website at has always black status bar in Safari.

Can you send your app link so we can test?

Sure, here it is: Glide

That’s the support link and only Glide people can access that. Can you share the actual link of the app?

Oh, sorry. This is the correct one:

It’s showing correctly for me. This looks correct on both the Safari version and the installed version.

Talking about it, what OS is your screenshot? That doesn’t look like my Safari version.

Very strange. I deleted the home screen icon, added it again and the status bar is still white. It’s iPhone 12 with iOS 15.1.1 and dark mode enabled.

I’m on iPhone SE 2020 with iOS 15.1.1 and dark mode enabled, if that helps.

Guys, sorry but I need to raise this issue again, since I can’t solve it for a month. Whatever I do, the status bar remains white, while everything else is set to dark/black.

I found some articles where it is explained how the developers can change a meta tag, which


I also tried to turn off the “Website tinting” feature in Settings like it’s explained in this article.

For now the only solutions seems to be the meta tag which have to be hard coded, no idea how.

EDIT: Actually I managed to turn it black for a while. After I turned on “Website tinting” setting in Settings → Safari and then “re-installed” the app, the status bar got black, but only on the first launch. After I completely closed and then re-opened the app, I found it white again.

@ThinhDinh, can you please close and then re-open the app in terms to see if the status bar remains black?

Can you confirm it’s the same behaviour here?

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Yes it is. I’ve also tried the suggestions in this thread. Sometimes my apps will open without the white bar after reinstalling but only the first time, then they go back to white again too.



One year later… but same problem for me.

The status bar color is rarely matching the light/dark mode with a glide app.