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I just finished migrating my app from Classic to Pages and noticed (or, at least it appears) that there’s no way to override the system theme for my device. I prefer just about everything to be in dark mode on my phone but when I navigate through my (new, and newly published) app, I literally cannot see anything because my system UI is set to dark. Am I missing something? Is there no longer a way to override my OS and have my app appear in light mode?

Are you talking about Dark/Light Mode in the builder?

You can click the ? in the bottom right and choose Light Mode

No. I am referring to the system UI for my phone.

Independent of your preference, Glide’s default UI should display a good looking app in both light and dark modes.

Could you send a few screenshots? Perhaps there is an issue that could be reported.

I posted about this the other day. In classic apps there was an option to override the device theme but this isn’t available with Glide apps. The problem is that you build the app giving consideration to colours and format and then these are ignored in the end user device. What is the point of going to all that effort?

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Hi @nathanaelb - apologies for the delay - this is a work project so I don’t usually touch it on the weekends. I’ve included two screenshots of the most glaring visibility issues with the first picture (on the left) seemingly missing the number entry component while the image on the right appears to be missing the borders around the choice component pills. These items are fully functional within the app, and I want to make that clear, but there isn’t enough contrast for them to be visible. These are screenshots from my personal phone, where my UI theme is set to dark. Below are screen captures of what the same pages look like in the data editor, where the UI is set to light:

As you pointed out, the default UI looks good - the other… not so much. I think what Glide needs to take into account is that a good number of folks prefer to use dark mode as their system UI default, not just at night, so attempting to use our apps in broad daylight is literally impossible if we can’t see what we’re attempting to manipulate on our screens. And let’s not forget pocket lint, greasy fingerprints (ours AND our kids’), etc. that can take visibility issues to the next level. Perhaps the theme override from Classic Apps needs to be re-implemented here, or maybe just a high-contrast mode when the UI is set to dark?

Good callout @drascon. Can you share what your Appearance settings are?

I’m opening a ticket for this one, just to be safe. :slight_smile:


Thanks Andy -

Not sure which ones you’re looking for so I’ll just give you both:

My phone:

  • Android 13
    Brightness set to 50%
    Dark Theme
    Colors Adaptive

My app: