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Hello, I am new to the Glide app.

Under Android if the “night” mode is activated, the application has a black background, even if I select a white background.
Is it possible to force to have an application with a Light theme even with the night mode parameter.

(sorry for my English :wink: )

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Goto settings, and uncheck the tick box which says match device settings for dark mode.


Thanks Coupons_Deal, but according to my tests it doesn’t change anything

Have you tried reinstalling the app?

Yes, but no change,
If I deactivate the night mode, the choice of the theme works correctly, but not if the night mode is active

Can you share with us the link of the app? And what device are you testing it on?

Samsung S8 version Android 9

I just check one of my app and it looks fine on Android Xiaomi Note 8 Pro.
May be check the Theme selected here.

yes I have already tested about ten times with different option.
I have tested with my application but also with a “Planner” glide template and the problem is the same.
As soon as I activate night mode on my phone, the application goes directly to black.

Best to raise a Bug request with screenshot of app and settings configured so Glide Team can check on this.

When you reinstalled the app on your device, did you also clear the cache on your browser? Have you tried on other devices? I think certain things like the app icon and theme can sometimes get stuck unless you completely uninstall as well as clear the browser cache.

I have not had the opportunity to test on another mobile.
I don’t think it’s a Refresh issue, but for the record: If I leave the app open and change the phone’s setting to night mode, the app changes color.

Here are some screenshots

Application :

Night mode activation :


Right but it shouldn’t be doing that if you don’t have the match device theme checkbox selected.

Unless there is something with that particular device that’s overriding default android functionality. And that’s where I was thinking that the checkbox value is still being stored in the internal app settings of the installed APK or in the browser’s cache.

I did some tests and even with a new application (so nothing cached normally) it’s the same.
I am using the qrcode reader application (QRBot), it displays the application in web page version after reading. And from this stage the problem remains the same.

Not sure then. I use dark theme on my phone, but my app is set up with a white background and displays correctly. My only thought is that checkbox in the builder. Other than that, I have no idea.

Thanks for your help.
Case to be continued.

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