Which Plan to use?

For a community app. Where signed in user can see data about their own activity. This data is coming from other sheets based on some key, email or cell phone. Cannot spend too much per user, so needs to be public with signin.

Pondering on these:

  1. Do I need the email ID of the signed in user,( since public with signin, masks the email)? With the emails masked, is it still possible to show the user specif information, pulled because of some other identifier like mobile number, that I can ask the user to fill in the user sheet.

  2. If I do need to have the signedIn user email ID visible, which is the Glide Plan which I should take?

Masked emails work the same as real emails. Glide still knows which masked email belongs to which user. So if you are using Row Owners, or checking conditions where email is signed in user, they will still work normally.

Not getting it: I tried this: Signed in as a Public user, the email ID is masked. In the User Table made the Email ID as “Row Owner”. In another sheet say “Data Sheet”, I have a table with one column with email IDs, I put the actual email ID of the user, Made this column in the Data Sheet as “Row Owner” and signed in as the Masked Email ID user, but do not see the relevant row in the Data Sheet highlighted.

Now if I try to do the same with a proper email ID in the User Table, and see in the “Data Sheet” then the relevant row is highlighted.

So glide is not using the masked email for diplaying relevant data from other sheets.

Any other way to do this?

And which is the plan which allows me to see the user email IDs?

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I’ve got the same problem If I only allow emails in my Users table. Glide counts them as a private user.

50 private user allowed in Pro Plan.

Waiting for soultion as a classic App user there isn’t any problem like this I can’t upgrade as it may not affordable.

I believe that’s the expected behaviour.
Under normal circumstances, you would be adding the signed in users email as a special value with a form submission when rows are added to your data table. Glide would add the masked email address, and so the above wouldn’t be an issue.

You can disable email anonymisation on any paid plan.

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What solution are you expecting?
If you restrict who can sign in to your App in any way, then all signed in users will be counted as private users. That’s not a bug, it’s the way it works and is the way it’s designed to work.

What I figured from my digging into Glide. Free Plan:

  1. If Email Already in the Sheet (used for Users)and I try SIGNUP or SignIn,
    I can see as a user the email ID and also no new user is created. And these are counted as Public Users.

  2. If in the Users Table, a role column is assigned and a role is mentioned, when this user logs in it is counted as a Private user.

  3. If a user not in the Users Table logsin, a new user with an anonymus email ID is created. Later one can replace the anonymus email ID in the google sheet with the actual email if that is known. Still user Public.

In the Above Privacy Setting even if we change to required signin the above results happen. So the key looks like “Public” and in Users “Anyone” for the users to be counted as “Public” .

So if we do need to use “Public” accounts and have anonymus emails, we will need to have another way for the user to share thier email IDs.

Ofcourse the best option is to go for the Pro Plan where the email IDs need not be anonymus. Provided the budgets are not a constraint.

Over all quite a good offering from Glide, excited to now start building an App. I hope my conclusions are correct.

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