Where is the best place to put an affiliate notification?

I was planning on using glide to create an affiliate app. Most affiliate programs require you to mention that you are an affiliate in a very noticeable location. Where would be the best place to put this in glide? Is there any type of pop up button? Is there any type of cookie notification?

Hi @Brian_Rosenstein,

Thanks for writing in. You can create a text or image component on the main tab and set the visibility to show/hide according to whether a subsequent user-specific checkbox saying “Hide This Message” is checked or not. You can double this up for cookie notifications, etc. If you need further clarification, just hola back.

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Thank you. Is there further documentation on this? I would like to read up on it and have a better understanding. Thank You.

Yea… I’m having a really hard time creating what you are saying. I would love some help. Thank You so much!!!

Hi @Brian_Rosenstein,

Try this support article. So, in the glide editor, an approach would be to create a user-specific boolean. The top-tier: You can then add a checkbox or switch component so that, when checked, the notification text or image is shown/hidden according to the visibility settings. To do this:

Step 1) Create a boolean in the glide editor within the tab where you wish the notification to appear

N.B. Make sure that you check “user-specific” column and that you add a Row ID when prompted.

Step 2) Create a checkbox or switch component within the tab you want the notification to appear and assign it to the boolean column you’ve just created
Screenshot 2020-06-18 at 11.37.03

Step 3) Customise the visibility of the component (in this case notification) you want to show or hide according to whether the boolean is marked true or false by the user
Screenshot 2020-06-18 at 11.37.38

Anything amiss, feel free to hola back!

Just for clarification, is this step necessary for the rest of the steps to work? I’ve always been under the impression that user profiles do not NEED to be set up (although it’s a good thing to have if needed later). User Specific column work whether or not the user is signed in or not. The only difference is the value is saved if the user is signed in. Otherwise it’s cleared out on a new instance of the app if the user is not signed, and will be empty the next time they open the app. I don’t user specific columns have any relation to user profiles. Again, I could be wrong. I just want to make sure I’m giving correct advice to others.

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You’re spot on, @Jeff_Hager. I’ve amended the post above. It’s not necessary for the rest of the steps to work: As you said, user-specific columns work whether or not the user is signed in. I find this is useful however if wanting to set visibility of notifications based on user permissions, for example, should that be of use to you, @Brian_Rosenstein?

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Can you list out the steps you used to incorporate an affiliate programme into your app?

On a separate point, I am interested in exploring whether it is possible to insert google banner ads into my app.

The Google Ads implementation isn’t possible yet, you have to create custom ones.

Thanks Jen when you say custom ones are you referring to like affiliate links?

and any kind kind of ad, there is no way to have them automatically display like on a website yet.