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I was wondering where is the configuration in glide app for this: every time something new is added by the app creator, other users will get notified, or at least when they open the app, the new content will be signed there.

Thank you in advance!

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You can’t notify people the native app way (as in a pop-up notification on their phone).

The best you can do is showing new content at the top of, for example, the Home tab, so they don’t miss it.

This brings the question of how do you define “new” though?

Does “new” mean they haven’t read it? If so, have a user-specific boolean column called “Read”. When users open the item to read the details, before showing the details view to them, set the “Read” column to true. “New” in this case means “Read” is not true.

Or, “new” means it was added anytime between the past 7 days. Have a math column to subtract 7 from now, then filter by submission time (you must catch this when you add new items using the current date/time special value) is after the “7 days before” mark.


Is there any way for glide to add a feature like push notification ??

No, Apple does not allow push notifications for PWAs like Glide as of now.


thank you!
and where do I configure this “read” boolean column?

You add it as a user-specific column in your data.

Hai @ThinhDinh
Is there a video tutorial?
I’m in need of this too.

I’ll create one as this seems to be a popular topic. Give me a couple days.


Thanks Bob!

Longish video, but hopefully helpful. I might create a cleaner version of this video later for YT…


thank you @Robert_Petitto
thank you @ThinhDinh


This is great. Thanks

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Thank You @Robert_Petitto

Thank You @ThinhDinh

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Really nice video Bob. Thank you. Echoes of some Swirl features only so much cleaner!

Watching the CSS for message count was super interesting. Picked up the simple of tip of counting likes and incrementing with a heart emoji as the symbol!

For me I would sacrifice an ever growing news feed and change the acknowledge action so that it simply deletes the news feed row. Makes counting easier too. I don’t think users really need to see their like history. At first I thought this would sacrifice the feature of knowing how many likes a particular item has ever received. But of course you can have a simple counter in the Items list. That said, it begs the question: 'Is there an action that could add the ‘liker’ to a growing list of people that ever liked an item, e.g. a growing array of user ID’s stored in the Glide Table for the items?

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This is so cool. Thank you!

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That would be cleaner!

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I just implemented all this in an app, thanks to your tutorial. I was able to maintain a list of who likes each item. When someone hits like:

  • Ensure there is a text column for each item viewed, e.g. ‘List of people that have ever liked’
  • Write the latest list into the User’s row (their row in the main Users Table)
  • A template column in the User’s Table takes the latest list and adds the current user
  • Writes the updated list into the ‘List of people that have liked’

Works well. For now I won’t let people ‘unlike’!


How do you put a red heart in a number column?

Use it as the Unit