Where do Saved to Library items show up in the app?

I listened to the Part 5 Video of the Insiders App Template entitled Home and Archives, particulary for the Archives Info. I want my users who are premium users to be able to save those articles and podcasts on their My Profile page. I have a boolean where they have the option to save items to their library but can’t figure our how to configure it where it shows up on the My Profile page. Also, if I create a status column in the spreadsheet, where articles and podcasts are checked, will that solve the problem?

In the video, they are described as tasks, but for mine, the data will come from my features sheet.

You can conditionally display a related list of items (articles in your case) on a profile page based on a the user’s membership status. To display the saved items only, the list can be filtered by the boolean.

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Ok, so my error is that I have not created the list of articles and podcasts to pull from, correct?

How could you list podcasts and articles if they don’t exist?

I am confused, perhaps because I am unfamiliar with the template and video that you are referencing. If that’s the case, someone else who is may be of more help.

They do exist. I have them in the podcast sheet and the features sheet But I have not created them in the list form. The boolean to save the features or podcasts to library is on the main page. I want the users to be able to save them where it would show up on their profile page similar to how it is in the Insiders Pro template app. That’s what I’m asking.

So from our exchange, I realize that I may need to put these items in list form (through maybe inline list) in order for them to be saved, but I still don’t know how they would be saved to show up on my profile page as it is in the Insiders Pro App template.

An inline list can be configured to display saved features or podcasts based on a user-specific boolean.

You are technically not saving anything by using the list component, just displaying stuff :slight_smile:

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Ok. Got it.

As you have referenced the Insiders Pro template on many posts in this forum, it would be better if we have a link to it next time to help as not all people are familiar or have actually touched it. Including a link would let us have a good look before answering your questions.

Do let us know if you need help, don’t hesitate asking questions.