How can users save public list items to user-specific lists?

Please help! thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I have a sheet that contains a list of books (like a database) that displays the list on a tab called “All Books”. I (the admin) will be maintaining the list of books. All users can see the list of books (i.e. no row owners).

I have a separate sheet called “My Books”, and a tab for it in the app. This tab is for users to see the books they have added only (i.e. row owners).

I want users to be able to scroll through “All Books”, click on a book, and have that book show up in “My Books”. Again, users should only see their own books on the My Books tab.

How can I accomplish this?

Using the built in favorites would be the easiest. Do you need to have a separate My Books sheet with row owners, or can it all be one Books sheet with favorites?

This may be something to check out:

@Jeff_Hager I think it needs to be a separate My Books sheet. The reason is I’d like to also create a form to allow users to add other books to their “My Books” sheet.

Got it. I would probably add a button in the book details screen with an Add Row action that would write that books details to your My Books sheet.

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@Jeff_Hager I didn’t realize they had added that! Must have been in the last couple months

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