Save and show favourite items (recipes)

Hi community, I’ve searched all the articles on ‘favourites’ on this community but I still have a question/case that I can’t seem to figure out :smile:

I have a recipe app and I would like that users can favourite certain recipes, and find them back in their recipe library. How would I do this?

I found some info on using the ‘switch’ component for this. But where and how do I save the data and make it user-specific?

FYI: I am not a very advanced app-builder, but I do understand the basic logic.

Thanks a million for your help!!


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Add a User Specific boolean column to your Recipes table, and target the switch component at this column. You should display the column somewhere on the Recipes details screen.

Just be aware that taking this (user specific) approach means that each user will only be able to see their own favourites. That is, favourites cannot be shared.