Help with Favourites

Hi All,

I have built a workout app that gives users new workouts each week. We want to give users the ability to favourite particular workouts so that it remains in their library rather than being removed at the end of each week.

Is that possible?

So you have a new set of workouts each week, and where do the old ones go? Are they still stored in the sheet?

yes, we just filter them out

I think you can set it us as one big sheet with all the available workouts, which have column, let’s say “Available for this week?”.

This way, the user’s favorites would still be there when they enter a new week. Filter their visibility choice based on that “Available for this week?” column.

Thanks, I tried that by setting the filter to user favourited = true, but it still removed the workout when I took it off “available for this week”

Can you organize a TeamViewer session so I can have a direct look at the problem?

sure! can we do screenshare over zoom? Let me know your email address and I’ll send you details

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