Where are the spill-over tabs? (Apps, desktop)

On Android, I can see all the tabs that match my user visibility - 6 at the bottom and 11 in the spillover hamburger menu. Yes, that’s a lot of screens, but that’s a different issue!

On desktop, when I preview with myself as the user, there is no spillover menu after tab 9. Same when I sign into the app as myself.

When I preview as another user, I can see what looks like a sliver of a spillover menu (actually this is the first I’ve seen of it). Clicking it leads directly to one tab, not to a choice of several.

I’ve checked all the settings I can think of and I can’t figure out how to access those additional screens on the desktop. Any other settings to check?

I think @kyleheney raised this problem a while ago. No updates for now, I believe.

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A co-worker of mine just figured out how to access the tabs that don’t fit on the screen on the desktop.

Shift - scroll :exploding_head:

Works for me too using the mouse - I’m not sure if there’s a keyboard only way to do it.


Thanks for sharing!

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