Force menu in desktop view

Dear All,

I have an app with 12 different tabs, and I would like to move few of them in the “hidden side menu” menu, same as mobile view

In this view, not all the tabs are shown (i need to scroll with Shift keyboard to see the hidden tabs)…to be honest I would like to have only 4-5 tabs and all the other pages in the menu.

This is the menu I mean:

Is there any way to “force” the menu to appear? (but keeping full screen mode for desktop view…)

Maybe it’s easy, but I could not figure it out…



Desktop mode does not have a concept of a side menu at this time.

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Dear Jeff,

Thanks for your reply…any suggestion or workaround? Thanks

You could change the tab settings so they are not visible, and then use buttons or some other component to open the tabs through the Open Tab action.

Really just need to play around with different options.

Dear Jeff,

very good call!

See below…




I like your approach. An entire tab dedicated as a sub menu to redirect to other tabs. I didn’t quite think of doing something like that. I’ll have to remember that for the future.

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