TABS and full screen tabs


In full screen mode.

The bar at the bottom of the screen with the tabs included in TABS is not displayed if there is only one tab (even without visibility settings)

The worst tab appears in the menu !!!

please revert to the old version.

Tab 1

Tab 2

Sorry, can you show with screenshots that include more of the screen?I don’t quite follow.

Hello @david

Here are larger captures

Hope it’s more obvious.

The bar at the bottom of the page with normally the tabs contained in the TABS is no longer displayed.

Sorry for my English !

missing the bar at the bottom of the screen with the link to the “Today” tab

Just for clarification, you only have a single tab for your main app, but several tabs in the menu correct? Are you saying that your Today tab should be placed under the ‘TABS’ category since it’s the main first tab that a user sees when they open the app…but the new interface is showing it under the ‘MENU’ category?

Hello @Jeff_Hager

Oui, Correct

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Got it. I don’t think I’m experiencing the same issue. Hopefully the Glide team can take a look.

I think the problem only exists in full screen mode.

But thank you for your support

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OK, I think I see what you mean now. I thought you were experiencing this in the editor. Not the actual app.

I can see the same thing in one of my apps that’s a single tab app.

In non-full screen mode, my side menu looks like this (Notice, no Gas Log tab as it’s the main app tab):

In full screen mode, I get an extra tab in my side menu.

I’m guessing it has to do with the different way that a phone view is rendered compared to a desktop view. On a phone view, you always have the back button to back out of any navigation through the menu since it’s an overlay on top of the main tab view. On desktop view, any menu option becomes the main view as there doesn’t appear to be any overly of the menu tabs on top of the main tab, so there is no back button. Otherwise, you would click on a tab in the menu and never be able to navigate out of it. I’m guessing it was designed that way by glide, but I would have to agree that it would be nice to be able to choose where the main tab shows up in the side menu when using desktop view. Maybe that option will become available once they allow use to view and design in desktop view in the editor.


Thank you very much @Jeff_Hager
Yes that’s exactly it.
But it worked before !! (I don’t have the date of the change).

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