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Hi, how can I configure a tab with a full screen web view without a header and without a menu?

If you don’t have a menu what is the way for users to navigate to other tabs after accessing that tab?

Hello Thinh :grinning:Hello Tinh. I want to say that you do not have the hamburger menu, the bottom menu if you keep it.

Do you have a screenshot of how it looks like at the moment?

So you’re having a single webview component on that tab?

Yes 1 only webview component only

I can do it in the light theme but not the bold theme, however it does not take your webview up to the top so I recommend keeping things as it is.

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Thanks thinh, I liked it at least gives you some of what I was looking for. It would be good advice to write down this full view for future Glide functionality. That I could keep the bottom menu buttons and remove the burger menu and the header would look more native. Thank you I will leave it as you recommended, Greetings!

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Hello Camilo,

You can hide the app bar with this code in a Rich Text

<pre><span><style> [data-test="glide-app-bar"]{display: none}

See if it works for you

[quote=“Claudio_Balbino, post:11, topic:25363”]
[data-test = "glide-app-bar"] {display: none}
[/quote] Hello Thank you I will see it immediately and I will comment to you

Maybe you have it working by now, but have you tried the Open Web View Action instead of a webview component? It’s more of a full screen experience instead of a component on a detail screen…and it’s still contained within the app.


Hello, thanks, but should I do it through a button? I can’t do it with a tab? It works with the button but I need to do this function with one of the lower tabs of the menu

Got it, no you won’t be able to call that action from clicking on a tab. It would have to be a button or something like that, where you can call an action.

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Thank you very much Jeff I will do it as you say at least it looks in full screen. Thank you

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