When we create an organization, are we charged 2 x $29 for the org+the app?


Maybe it’s a silly question I don’t know

But I created an app for a client

And I wanted to have a separate Stripe account so I created a new org

But to transfer it, I have to pay $29

Wil my app become Pro as well ?

Or should I have to pay + $29 to get my app upgraded to Pro as well ?


Transfered apps are not pro. That means, each app needs to be upgraded.

Got it! Thanks! Just bought them all and finally I was able to different stripe account on the same glide account

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How did you manage to get 2 stripe accounts in the same glide account? Is it an ORG’s glide account?

Yes, I created an organization and I was able to connect another Stripe account.

I believe I will have to create a new org for each stripe account

That’s correct.
Just for me to understand… you have the same app, with different customers, right? And each customer has their own org, so they can charge with Stripe. Is that the usecase?

Yes, that’s exactly it