Multiple Stripe accounts in one Glide account

I am making apps for clients, but I don’t want to be responsible for collecting their payments through my Stripe account. At the moment I am having to create multiple Glide accounts so that I can connect their Stripe account up for payments. Would it be possible to choose which Stripe account you want to use for each specific app, rather than the Stripe authentication being applied globally to my Glide account? Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


@mattbrowning, what did you end up doing? :slight_smile:

We have Orgs now. Each Org can have a separate Stripe Account. If you’re building apps for clients, each client should have their own org with their own billing and their own Stripe connection, etc.

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I still haven’t played enough with stripe integration, mainly because focused on the covid-19 apps. As a builder, is it possible to integrate stripe with direct payment to customers? Or do we need to integrate stripe with our own account and then refund customers?