Possibility to connect to several bank accounts?

I’m building an ordering App for several type of alimentary products (fruits, vegetables,meat, fish, bread, …) each own owned by 1 provider.
I would to offer the possibility that each product type is connected to the bank accound of its provider, means 1 app is able to address several bank accounts using Stripe (that seems the only existing payement module today). Do you think this would be possible ? If not what would be the alternative ?
I can’t imagine other App/people would not be interested by this feature … how to push it as feature requtest ?

I think you’re asking if more than one Stripe account can be used in each app. I believe the answer to that is no — only one Stripe account can be used as it is connected to the app (not the section of the app).

I would think that a “main” Stripe account would need to be used, then that account would distribute funds as needed through the Stripe dashboard (not Glide).

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that would be very good if users wanna have their own buy button