1 stripe account per glide account?

Creating an Organization within your Glide account will allow you to add a new stripe account to apps built within that “Org” independent of the apps you’ve built outside of it.

While all “My Apps” will be tied to 1 stripe account, for each “Org” you create, you get a new Stripe account slot. This is HUGE for developers that have been creating new Google/Glide accounts.

Save your time and sanity by creating a Public Organization.

Thank you @david for coming through with the facts… all I had to do was ignore the warning about my stripe account being disconnected and double check that both were still connected. Life. Saver.

Use Orgs.

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Thank you @david! I must have missed this announcement!

Take care once your app is in annorg, you can’t move it, if I am correct.

You can’t use several stripe accounts with your own glide accounts. So create another glide account to be able to connect the app with your client’s stripe account.

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It’s true that you can’t move an app from an org, yes. The ability to move apps from orgs is not available yet.

Also take care when using orgs, your app must / should be public and not an internal app, else you will pay 8$/month/user and I am not sure that’s what you expect.

And for stripe, it’s true also. 1 glide account = 1 stripe account. Stripe connect not available, and you can only make one time payment with your own stripe account.

The best way for you is to create a new glide account, to get your app in this new glide account, and to connect stripe using your client account. But you probably will have to pay again the pro plan when the app will be in the new glide account.

But not sure how you will move your app from your org. You should send an email urgently to support@glideapps.com

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An org is like a separate account, except you don’t have to log out and log in to switch.

Orgs have their own billing and Stripe accounts. If you’re building an app for someone, it really should be in an org.

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I just connected my client’s stripe account to his Org app and my stripe account to all of “My Apps”. It’s true… 1 Glide account can connect to as many Stripes as you have Organizations!


Good news about the org! It should be documented somewhere!

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I totally agree. Hard to move at the pace Glide does and document it all for us outsiders. @david did respond rather quick though. Let’s see any other co. do that…

The only thing that REALLY confused me after being told to use ORGS was the exact same warning that disconnecting stripe would disconnect it from ALL apps instead of ALL APPS IN ORG and when adding a Stripe, it automatically added itself to everything. It seems to be a bug when moving apps built before org was created and having to dupe them…

All that aside, I know how to do it now and I’m a happy camper.