When clicking on an item, I would like to display only the list of links to that item

Hello to all,
I’m coming to you, because I have a little problem.

I’m making an application dedicated to my friends & myself that will allow us to know the different “spots” of our spells according to the character we take in a video game :

In this application the operation is as follows:

We add spots in the map, a spot has several information

  • This spot is available on this agent
  • This spot is available on this map
  • This spot is available for attack or defence
  • This spot is available on part A or B of the map

All this information comes from other tables with the list of agents, maps, sides, and available A or B sites

A table for agents
A table for maps
A table for sides (attack or defence)
A table for the sites (Site A or Site B)

Then, the aim is that in the following order

  • You choose your agent
  • Choose your map
  • Choose your side
  • Choose the site

And so I start like this:

  • I display the list of agents in a detail view
  • By clicking on an agent, I display the list of maps in the agent’s detail view
  • By clicking on the map, I display the list of sides in the map detail view

This displays all the spots available for these criteria : IT’S THE GOAL OF THE APPLICATION

Then in each table (Agent, Map, Side, Site), I made a relation with the spot table, to be able to receive the information

As a result, the operation for the user will be as follows:

  • I choose my agent from the list of all agents
  • I choose the map among all the maps on which my agent has spots
  • I choose the side
  • I choose the site
  • it shows me the list

the problem I have is that I would like that from one step to another, it displays me only the information that are relevant to me

If I choose the agent n8, I would like that at the time of choosing the map, it displays me only the maps where the agent n8 has spots on it, idem for the next step

In fact I would like to do some filtering but view by view, is it possible?
Step 1 :

Step 2 :

Step 3 :

Step 4 :

Step 5 (Display the information I am looking for)

If you have a relation from your agent selection to maps I would think you could filter the map list/ view when that relation is not empty.

I don’t have a direct relationship between the agent and the card, everything goes through the “spot” table

Because between agent and card, I don’t have any link element

And above all, I want it to show me only the maps where my agent has spots