Action text, link to map / MapBox map

I have been using link to map from addresses to show where an individual agent operates from.
This opens up a native map - e.g. iPhone Maps which is fine although it does not open within the Glide app itself.
I am now experimenting the the Map function to show all of the agents on a map which opes in Mapbox.
I click on a flag it shows the agents details at the bottom.
I then click to expand the agents details, It opens up the full details.
I have a link to map within the agents details that opens up the native phone map.
It would be nice to have that link to open in Mapbox
I press the < back to go to the Mapbox map
If I press on the 3 dots/3 bars at the bottom of the map, it opens the list of agents, if I click on an individual agent I can see all of the agents details but there is no link to the Mapbox map.
If I search for an agent, it opens up the matching agents, but there is no link to the Mapbox map,

Is there any way that the “link to map” function can open the MapBox map instead of the native phone map ?

Couple of things. Instead of a button with the link to map action, could you just place a map component on the screen instead? If you don’t want a map on the agent details screen and you want to retain the same button funtionality, then I would create button with a ‘Link to Screen’ action pointing to ‘This Item’. This will open a new view, but still attached to the same agent detail record. Here you should be able to add a map component, which will still be the mapbox map.

If you want slightly more functionality, then you can create a multiple relation that links the agent back to itself in the same sheet. Then you can follow the same steps above, but instead of using a map component, you can add an inline list using the relation you created, and set the list style to the map layout. This will give you the same map, but in addition, it will also give you the option to locate yourself on the map in relation the the agent’s location.

As for what you described regarding the button not showing when you search or use the “3 bars” list option, can you show a screen shot or video of you getting a different view when using those options compared to clicking on a pin on the map and opening the details from the pin?