Different Actions in Maps Layout

I would like to have different actions like the Basic Text

instead of the just link detail screen

Hey there, this sounds like a good idea. Could you explain your use case? Presumably:

  • click location to open in Google maps
  • click location to call number
  • click location to show share sheet


my use case is:
Create a Christmas Carol Route List by Parishioner’s Name and Address. I wanted to click on the name/Address and open map for address

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Is this so you have quicker access to your mapping app instead of opening details for that particular parishioner name and then creating a link in the details layout to the mapping app?

exactly Save me two clicks.

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I have a similar use case where I’d like to open external PDFs or documents from a list. Kind of clumsy with all the clicks. Especially when I have to add in the download confirmation and finally open the document from the notification bar in some cases.