Linking map point to information

I have pulled together a heritage walking tour with Google map links - When I click on the map link, it pulls up the basic info tab from the ‘sites’, but doesn’t allow you to the link to the full information page for that ‘site’. Is there a way to link that somehow?
Thanks for any help.

Can you share some links that aren’t working as expected? Do you have any screenshots to show what’s happening and what you expect to happen?

Let me know if this explains the problem well enough. This is the link to the Village Site page.
I would like my map points on the Village Map Tab to be able to open to each of the sites the map point represents.

I think I understand, but just to be sure…when you click on a point and click the box at the bottom, do you want it to open a details view that you created in the app, or is it suppose to open a link to a google site? When you are on that screen in the builder, I would click on “Inline List” on the left hand side of the screen where it lists all of the screen components. Once you click on that, go to the right hand side of the screen and scroll to the buttom. Let me know what you have set for your Actions on that inline list. I’m guessing it’s set to None, or something else. Depending on what you want, it should either be set to View Details, or Open Link, or Open Web View.

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It is set to View Details. How do I direct it to the full Village Site description specific to that map point?

Sorry…my error. it is sent to None.

Did you get it to work now?

You’re brilliant! Thank you!!


Another question you may be able to help me with. I have a video - about 60mb - can I embed that in the app in Quicktime format, or do I have to do it by Vimeo link?

Yeah, you can use any url for the video. Just upload it directly to glide or whichever file host you choose (google drive is unreliable and not advised). It doesn’t have to be Vimeo. Then use the hosted url for the link in a video component. I can’t say for sure if a Quicktime file will work, but just try it and see what happens.