Whatsapp & Skype calls


Is there any way of creating a button that takes the users to whatsapp or skype? I tried to add a link like this… “Call Me” (a href=“skype:+4400000000?call”>Call Me</a) but it just errors.

We have a lot of international calls and my users would like there to be an option to call/message with these apps instead of the regular phone line.


For WhatsApp, check below:

Not sure about Skype.


For calling using skype:
You can use something like this in Rich Text

<a href="skype:<skype_username>?<action>"> Link Text</a>

<a href="skype:shantanu.s1997?chat"> Chat with Shantanu</a>
Chat with Shantanu

Replace <skype_username> with username of the skype account
List of available actions are:

  1. call
  2. chat
  3. userinfo
  4. add

I don know if

  1. sendfile
  2. voicemail
    would work!


Thank you. Do you know if it works with phone numbers or just skype name?

For calling phone numbers
<a href="callto:<mobile-number-with-international-code>"> Link Text</a>

Replace the <mobile-number-with-international-code> with actual mobile number.
But let me give you a warning of sorts.
This work with all of the dialers.
So on phone, it would ask to choose phone or skype!
Its users discretion what they choose!

if you want to use skype sureshot, use the username


okay great, thank you!