WhatsApp number verify without WA business API. Possible?

Hi all,
Anyone know of a way to verify if a specific number is a registered on WhatsApp, without using the WhatsApp business API?

We do have an business account on WA but they clearly state the “too many” requests to verify number will likely cause the account to be banned.

If you check too many phone numbers without sending messages to them, you will be banned.

The wa.me/[number] doesn’t return anything we can capture. Or does it?
I’m not asking about a way to send a message. Just to verify if number is on WhatsApp.

Yes, you can try proweblook.com they are offering api to check whatsapp number

HI, do you have an example of where this has worked and why you would use this solution instead of something like pickyassist; integromat; twilio etc.?

As far as I know, No one can allow checking contacts which is not saved in your phone database or have chatid.

For the demo, you need to create an account. On Pickyassist, maybe we can do but it is not reliable due to dependency on phone should be always active.

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thanks for clarifying

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