New WhatsApp Cloud API


Has anyone done an integration with the newly launched Cloud API meta launched this year? I am currently investigating getting the simplest least complicating solution to use whatsapp as a means to update/notify customers from my B2B glide app.

As an example, its a trailer rental app, whereby the business can manage customer accounts and trailer rentals as customers walk in. However, its important to have the comm channel open to the client for notification ie your account has been created; your trailer has been booked; your trailer is due for return; click here to rate our service etc.

From observing other posts it seems a few certified experts have come up with some great solutions using pickyassist; integromat etc. im curious to get an opinion on the easiest method ?


We have worked with WhatsApp integrations before, but this was before the Cloud API became available to Make/Integromat. We did it through Twilio.

Looks like the basics are still the same. You still need a Business WhatsApp phone number, created and verified through Facebook.

Once you connect that to Make, then you can do something like:

  • User clicks a button to finish creating their profile
  • We send a payload to the Make webhook which includes the user’s phone number and name
  • We use our WhatsApp phone number to send a welcome message to the user’s phone number. This is assuming their phone number is already on WhatsApp.

Watch this new video on how to connect the WhatsApp business cloud in Make.

It’s the newest one made by Make to get it [Tutorial] How to Connect WhatsApp Business Cloud - YouTube