What's the best way to explain the numbers to users?

Hi all,

I have lots of numbers displayed on my glide page and because it’s difficult to put lengthy titles and descriptions within the collections or elements, I am thinking of other way to explain all the numbers to users.
I wish there was a some kind of “Tooltip” where you can hover over your mouse to “i” or “?”, then a message box appears. However, it seems this function is not there yet
so what other option I can use for this purpose?
I don’t want the whole app to have lengthy explanations so it’d be nice if users can somehow hide all those if they don’t want to see it.

Thank you


In one of my apps, I use page “hints” to orient new users as to what is on a page and basic functionality.

On their user page, I have a setting where they can turn off these hints by setting themselves as “expert user”

Then I just use a visibility setting on the hint to only display if “expert user” is not checked.

That is one way you could handle it. I do miss tooltips, but perhaps they will bring them in Pages since that is aimed more at desktop users – mobile users do not see tooltips anyway.


Thank you for the tip. I will probably use your tip for my app

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