INFO - floating button timing out

I am using the floating button to display information about the calculations.
It works well except that it fades out after a few seconds and there is quite a bit of text to read - is there a way to extend the time or does anyone have an alternative to show information on request

Well if it’s this long I think you should display it on the screen by default and have a button for users to hide it after they read.

ah - ok - as a text or rich text element ?

For context sensitive help, I like to use a Hint component, and then use a floating button to toggle a visibility condition to hide/expose it.

I had not noticed the “hint” component thanks for that!
I presume the hint text needs to be in a column in the Glide Table rather than free text in the app itself - So what action do you use with the floating button to close the hint text ?

I normally have the hint text in a template column, but it doesn’t have to be. You can use free text directly in the hint component if you want to.

In terms of toggling the visibility, I’ll usually do something like:

  • A user-specific boolean column (usc/show-help)
  • On the floating button, a custom action:
    • If usc/show-help is true, then Set Columns → Clear Value → usc/show-help
    • Else Set Columns → usc/show-helptrue
  • And the visibility condition on the Hint component will be to show it when usc/show-help is true
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Thanks for your very detailed help.
I have now used a check box that shows or hides the hint box…

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