Still no floating button


We’re still looking for the much-missed floating button… Have you seen it by any chance? It’s a real handicap not to be able to float!

Hi there!

Before finally getting it back (I share your struggle…), you can use a container :

  • Set 2 (or more) columns
  • Use a rich text component on the rght column

This rich text component can act like a button to the right, using markdown. It may not follow the scrolling though (maybe that’s what you’re looking for?).

Use this code to use an image as the button :
<img align="[align]" src="link to the image" alt= “” width="...%" height="...%">

Simply put your desired parameters (you can get rid of any of them if you don’t need it)
Have a great day!


This is a great example of ingenuity but it’s not intuitive to the new user or folks who aren’t familiar with markdown. “It’s being worked on” has been the go-to response for almost 2.5 years now by Glide and their experts.