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I have a design question- Right now the app that my team has made has a lot of warning and hint texts which are kind of cluttering the design. We decided to reduce the clutter by adding pop-ups of hints/warnings only when a certain action is performed, but some hints we need to keep on page which can’t be activated by any action. I was wondering if there was any component we could customize so that it expands by a down-arrow button, so that the data isn’t cluttering the page?

Consider a choice component with a drop down menu. Let it have only 1 option, which will be the hint text. You could even program it so that if the user reads the hint and selects it then the hint disappears, e.g. it is only shown once.

Appreciate this is a workaround solution but sharing just in case.

The other option is to have a list of hints. Show any hint by having a list component filtered to show the correct hint. You can then have a relatively small card with the title hint. If anyone taps on it then you can either open a new screen or activate the visibility for a Hint component underneath…


The HTML summary tag is a simple option that is often overlooked for these types of use cases.


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Both of these help, thanks!