Tooltip for everything

I know we have hint element but its too big
Can we have tooltip for everything? An option to add tooltip in every element would be great

Could you share the use-case you have for this?

for example, in Big number element we can put two numbers one big one small and the title. itd be great to have a small i or ? icon within the box so that I can explain what do numbers mean

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We also need tooltips for our customers.
Glide software is already very easy to use but adding tooltips would make the software really self-explanatory for teams. Now I often created Loom videos for software for our customers. But as the software changes, I always have to change te video’s. If I could a tooltip to certain titles, buttons etc, I would be able to give explanations about functions much more finegrained. And in a cleaner way than having to add explanations as ‘footnote text’ (the current best way to add info)