What room am I in?

I am also curious as to how far this goes with the rooms and how much interaction with that data is needed. You could have all of this rest in the user page and have additional rooms and timestamps added their and rollup timestamps to newest to identify last room. Have a relationship between that and the rooms so it is a choice to pick from and an inline list that when a room is selected it takes you back into details about that room from a user perspective so the data they enter in that room is still unique to them but visible to other via the relaitonship.

Hey great news! I solved it :slight_smile:

At least with a small workaround… if you can find a better way then I would love to hear!

Thanks again for your time and support. I love this community!


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Oh dear, I spoke too soon. That idea was based on user specific columns. This means the correct room is only visible for the current user - the status is wrong for all other people. In other words, you can only detect the room you are in and not who else is in the room with you. I need to know where everyone is any given moment. Ugh. back to the drawing board.

Wow, almost same design :rofl:


Ok here is the link:


Goal is to program the BLIND ROOMS tab to update the user’s profile row with the room ID as soon as the user chooses to enter one of the room items in the list shown:

(It should be possible to track all people and not just the user’s own room status… which probably means avoiding user specific columns).

I see what you need and understand what your saying. Since you are not in that sheet the compound action cannot change values ina row in another sheet. even through the relation it wont work correctly. Your compound action would have to exist in the user sheet to perform that action in the manner you want. The alternative is to have the rooms set as columns and users in one column, when they select a room a timestamp is put in that column and the newest timestamp would determine the room. Or you can use Google sheets which would be a lot easier.

Thanks that’s a nice idea with rooms in columns in the user sheet. Downside is no flexibility to name a new room - or maybe they could be renamed - and I have no idea about having enough to keep things exclusive. Moreover I wonder if I will have to move all the tab components… I need to think through the implications.

Strange how seemingly trivial things end up being a pain!

Thanks again!

I still have yet to really study this thread and what’s been done so far, but basically you need the user’s email in the rooms sheet, correct? You can do this with a template column that pulls in the email from the user profile sheet. That will give you a column with a dynamic email that’s unique for each user. Then create a single relation to your user’s sheet by linking that template column to the email column in the user sheet. Then when you click on a room, you will be able to set up your action to set the current room in the user sheet through the Set Column action using the single relation you created. Hopefully that helps. If not, I’ll try to read into this deeper.


This should be it. I usually use this approach to know what specific record the user is viewing in order to use it inside a form, for conditonal visibilities etc. Writing it to user profiles is the way to use it in many places.

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I actually have the same issue. For me what i am trying to do is match a RowID to the user that’s viewing the ROW. (the signed in user.) Since Link to screen cant capture the current row. The issue i am finding is that the relation is set to the user that owns the row. And i want to set the row ID to myself (the sign in User)

For now i had no choice but to restrict the user that owns both rows in both sheet to only allow them to view for now. But what i want to allow is anyone in there org to be able to see each other rows. And i cannot do that as it will go to the other users row.

This is what i use for now. (I would like to use Company Name instead)

I was going to make a feature request that would allow me to add data to myself (Sign In user) instead of it going absolutely everywhere else. Annoying is hell. This needs to be added immediately. I am going nuts myself Anyone want to make a feature request i will vote for this. :slight_smile:

This is what I was going to suggest. I use this trick all the time.

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can you be so kind and give us some examples with some screenshots? i will try this immediately with my Row ID



Genius. It worked. Wow that’s a neat trick. Thank you



Does this mean that your Feature Request no longer applies?

I’ll be honest, I am really struggling to understand where you are coming from with that one…

I see this as a workaround. I see alot of users would struggling with this. However i am good with this solution, But i will leave the feature request for other users who want to vote for it.

It would be up to the users and mods if they want to keep it.

Robert - that works brilliantly. Can’t believe you cracked it with such a nice solution. So happy.

And thanks for taking the trouble to share the small video. This made it so much easier to implement. Hope karma brings you some joy today…