What is a good use case for Basic List

I have noticed recently the addition of Basic Table component. Can anyone give me ideal ways to use this capability? Thanks!


Real Estate property features, for example

user profile settings like name, email, etc,

A list of items, a menu, a description, etc.


Check out ourcars.glideapp.io for my example.

Our Cars App

Great looking app, I love the dynamic choices. Curious - why the choice field in the maintenance details? It changes the vehicle but not the service.

Thanks @Tim_Sullivan! That component was supposed to go in the edit screen, not details view. Just fixed.

As I’m playing with this, I noticed any entry I made in the directory didn’t show up.

Bah…this option was missing. Fixed!

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There it is!

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I guessed which entry was yours :wink:

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Thanks for all the suggestions and examples!