What happens when users leave a wi-fi area?

For iOs devices, we usually can control which apps can use cellular. I don’t see my app in the list of apps to switch cellular on or off. Why and how is this? Thanks. Allow apps to work with cellular capability. What is the benefit in accessing an app that needs only Wi-fi? Most orgs might have disruptions to wi-fi and people become stuck in their productivity. And, cellular is not always reliable in buildings, but sometimes, things can work if needed. I think users should have the option, while knowing that working on Wi-fi is highly suggested. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It’s like a website, if you disable wifi connection to safari your apps wont work anymore :slight_smile:

But, some apps still work with cellular capability. So, is this a feature request? :grinning:

Glide apps ?

Well, obviously it goes without saying that if your users are connected through wifi and then while they leave a specific area they switch to cellular the app will continue to work :slight_smile:

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