What happened to the references that match multiple columns video tutorial?

It’s the one that concatenated country and lodging types?

We unlisted some of our older videos with outdated versions of Glide.

Thanks for getting back to me.

If it possible to get a link to the video despite the old Glide version?

The concatenation approach was interesting.

Is there anything in particular you are looking for? Like using a template column to concatenate values from multiple columns together?

Actually, I can’t remember what caught my attention in the video … Only that concatenation was used to relate to, if I recall, multiple values in one column.

It was the concatenation approach and rationale for the travel example I wanted to see again.

OK. Well keep in mind that you can always use a template column to join values together. I have a couple situations in my app where I have multiple students and multiple coaches working with those students. For tracking lessons, for example, I create and unique key from concatenated values of Student Name and Coach Email. That way I can set up relations using that unique student/coach combination whereas just using the student name would return lessons taught by multiple coaches, or using coach email would return multiple students. I hope that makes sense and hopefully helps you out.

I think I finally remembered the scenario that caught my attention where concatenation was somehow used. It was a travel app with countries and also accommodations of three or four basic types: BnB,Hotel,Hostel, etc. .

I think the goal was to have a page for each country which would show only the matching types of accommodations … which would either link to detail pages for accommodations matching each type OR expand to show those businesses. I can’t remember which.

As I recall, the video showed a concatenation of country and type … but I can’t recall how that was used to match with businesses of that type.

It was interesting because I’m not too familiar with use of concatenations and it looked like it could be a useful approach in different situations.

Would be nice to see that video …