How to do a lookup when concatenating text with template column


I am creating a form where there are multiple options people can select. At the end, the combination of selections will show a different photo for each combination. As they select items from a choice option in the app, each selection is entered into four different columns in a glide table (am testing to see if I can build this outside of g sheets). I have another column which is a template column concatenating the text into a single entry. This concatenated text is used in order to use a single lookup to link the concatenated text to the URL for the image.

As an example:
Options 1,3 & 5 are selected from three different choice options. In the glide table, the answers are being recorded in three separate columns. The template column concatenates this to “135”. In a separate table, 135 is listed in the “Name” column and in the “Photo” column there is the URL for the photo which should appear with a lookup for “135”.

The issue I have is that the relation is not working when trying to connect the concatenated text to the “Name” column. This means the lookup doesn’t work to bring the photo URL across.

Can anyone help with this set up?


Not sure but Is the Name/photo table got “concatenated” column as well ?
What i understand is you have two tables.
1st you got the user and its 3 choices
2nd you got name and photos
am i right?

I have just managed to make it work using a combination of “If-then-else” and “Split text”. Not particularly elegant but does the job!


Glad to hear that!

have you seen @Robert_PetittoTranspose Data Columns into an Inline List with the MIRACLE METHOD